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Centra Pharm cc offers the distinct advantage of tried and tested XXXL Penis Enlarging Ointment backed by research and ethno-botanical data. This Ointment is very effective for Premature Ejaculation Cures. The company does not copy existing formulas but develops new ones, which we believe, are superior in their efficacy, quality and results.

South Africa alone has over 10% of the world's flora and is rich in the knowledge of their use. To a degree, African medicinal plants form an integral part of human heritage and should therefore be available to all who wish to draw from them.

African medicinal plants and its uses date back many centuries and have therefore been as "tried and tested" as many scientific medicines, which are often more harmful and with a higher degree of side-effects. The use of herbal remedies is generally less invasive or aggressive than the scientific preponderance of scheduled drugs and frequent surgery.

Centra Pharm cc offers the distinct advantage of tried and tested herbal products backed by research and ethno-botanical data. The company does not copy existing formulas but develops new ones, which we believe, are superior in their efficacy, quality and results.

In order to protect trade secrets and due to non-disclosure agreements that our consulting traditional Doctors have with research institutions, Centra Pharm cc may not disclose more information about research on certain plant species and their properties other than the information contained within its website and manuals.

T/Drs J Ngome, A Chambale and R de Carvalho are our consulting African herbalists and in conjunction with research institutions have developed the formulas for our XXXL Penis Enlarging Ointment and other Herbal Products.

An impressive team of traditional doctors

Traditional doctors are the custodians of knowledge of the natural ingredients used. They deserve and are therefore accredited with our success. Although, they are backed by a full team of consultants doctors and administrative personnel, they are the "inventors" of XXXL Penis Enlarging Ointment.

Traditional doctor R Carvalho

His contribution to breakthroughs in scientific research are unparalleled. His formulations have been accredited by many as revolutionary and he has hosted radio programs on Portuguese and South African radio stations. His products have been adopted by BioNatural, Emingeni Medicines, Herbal Africa and Maria Irene.

Traditional doctor J Ngome

A co-founder of Ametramo, he was the teacher of T/Dr R Carvalho. His customers included the members of the royal Swazi family, the political elite of Mozambique both colonial and present, conventional doctors including specialists such as Doctor M Raivoso and western diplomats. His fame and influence reached three countries and he was responsible for many breakthroughs in research on medicinal plants by scientific institutions.

Traditional doctor A Chambale

A traditionalist by nature, he is the president of Ametramo and has been invited on numerous occasions to work for pharmaceuticals but refused. Although he prefers to work with the working class, his clients also include the political elite and is well known in the African traditional fraternity in Mozambique and South Africa.


Some pleasant and weird customer comments  

After two weeks of application of XXXL Penis Enlarging Ointment, Eric literally had verbal diarrhea. “ … you should see the size now compared to when I started. Men, this thing has grown by at least a centimeter … and I don’t come so quickly … ”.

Within four days of application, George reported that he could already notice a difference with his penis. “… and I feel this soothing sensation every time I apply it”. Victoria promptly replied that next time he buys a bottle, she will charge him for the free massage he is getting from using the XXXL Penis Enlarging Ointment”.

Stanley burst into Michele’s office and demanded a second bottle. “I don’t care how much you charge me for it, I want another bottle right now”. “This product is a miracle”.

Robert phoned in and said “ … my penis looks like a roadmap. You should see how my veins are jutting out.”

Jan mentioned “ I need to change the brand of condoms I use. The condoms are getting too tight especially at the base of my penis. It’s good tough, for I last a lot longer while having intercourse”.

Angela said to her boyfriend: “What are you using? You keep going forever.” Her boyfriend also mentioned that she could not bare to look at another man for two days afterwards. He is one very pleased customer.

“I don't know how this thing you selling is supposed to work but I tell that every morning I am in the mood to have sex.” Comments from unknown phone caller.

Hilary bought a bottle for her boyfriend and reported her experiences. Firstly her boyfriend was surprised and asked: “ Do you think that I need it?”. “No”, she replied, “ but I thought it interesting, so I bought it”. After the second week, she remarks that both her boyfriend and her are very happy with XXXL Penis Enlarging Ointment. Their sex life has improved dramatically.

Chris stated that he could notice a market difference in the size of his penis five days after starting application. His girlfriend giggled and said "he his a stud second to none".

How it works

The growth size is directly related to the original size of the penis. Generally this increase is most noticeable at the base of the penis. During the first month of application, the width size, rather than the length, is most affected.

During the second and third month, the penis generally grows in length, averaging the same growth size as that attained within the first month of application.

Simultaneously, there is a noticeable increased in the blood vessels size. This increases the blood flow into the penis. Every customer has reported this experience within the first three weeks of application.

For best results, it is recommended that the time of application be at least three months.


  • For external use only
  • Cleanse and dry penis well.
  • Apply and spread XXXL evenly over the penis skin area.
  • Cover with a condom.
  • Leave it on for a period of 4 to 8 hours.
  • Wash hands after touching XXXL and wash penis after use.
  • Best used at night before going to sleep.
  • Contents to be used up within a month of opening the bottle.
  • For best results use for 3 months.
In Confidence Health (Pty) LTD Health will refund the purchase price of a product that is unopened and in its original packaging, our policy is customer satisfaction at all times.

"Seldom have I come across a product so brilliantly conceived and effective."

A fascinating story

As a young boy, I spent a lot of my holiday time with my uncle, a professional hunter, in the African bush. One day, at the age of 13, I went hunting with an indigenous African guide. We stopped for a leak and I had the unfortunate experience of looking at his penis. I was shocked. As a young boy, this was a traumatic experience that deeply changed my perception of the penis size and my life.

Upon returning to town, I immediately set off to see the doctor. I explained my predicament, where we whites have pea shooters while the blacks have cannons. The way I perceived it then, was that I must be deformed. The doctor noticed that I was terribly upset and took great pains to explain that the size of my penis was right, as it was the same size as my schoolmates and therefore there was nothing wrong with me. Regardless of his patience and caring, I was not happy and still self conscious of the difference between the indigenous people and I. Only later did I learn that it was not a race issue but a secret of a specific tribe.

A few passed and I emigrated to South Africa. Once again, I visited the local doctor and explained my predicament. Again, the doctor patiently explained that there was nothing that he could do, besides I was perfectly normal. That did not help my inferiority complex at all. On the contrary, it made me realize how incapable the medical profession is in helping people with similar dilemmas.

At the age of 21, I got engaged and my girl friend moved in with me. One evening I asked her if she would prefer a bigger size penis. She lovingly told me that she was happy with my size. I remember thinking how sensitive woman are in not hurting men’s egos. Regardless of her tender self-assurances, I was still self conscious of the size of my penis. I remember making a conscious decision where I would not be caught in the nude in front of indigenous people as I was sure to come second best and be terribly embarrassed.

Later in life and working as a researcher, I met a black nurse from the Vaal Triangle. Getting to the subject of sex issues affecting her patients, she told me that in her area, men that come from East Africa (where I used to hunt), are treated like kings. “Our woman will do anything to keep these men. There are very well-endowed and looked upon as the perfect symbols of manhood. If you know or have anything to help our men, please give it to me, as a lot of them suffer from inadequacy complex”. It was only then that I realized and started to believe that there was something uncharacteristic about the indigenous people that I got to know as a schoolboy.

I went back to East Africa and started researching this phenomenon. I met with the local traditional doctor and told him of my experiences. He burst out laughing, which did not help me at all and made me feel really small. I remember arguing that this must be a genetical phenomena. He promptly replied: ” No. This is a secret of our tribe". He further explained that when a boy is about five years old, the traditional doctor takes him to a shrub and treats his penis with a secret herbal formula. His penis will immediately start lengthening and between the family, the traditional doctor and the boy, a decision will be made to determine the size of his penis. When the size reaches the agreed length and width, the treatment stops.” He further showed me some of his patients and took me to the “secret shrub”.

I brought samples of this shrub to South Africa and started testing. The results are unparalleled. Tested subjects showed an increase in the size of the penis within days. This world-shattering herbal formula is set to help thousands of men, who like me, feel the need to increase the size of their penis and sexual performance.

Frequently asked questions

Q: Has it been clinically tested?

A: No. If you want clinical trials, we advise that you go to a pharmaceutical company and live with inferior products and side-effects that will probably last you a life time. XXXL  is manufactured with natural ingredients that have been tested and tried over many generations. Their effectiveness is unquestionable and the envy of many. Ours is a natural product, not a drug.

Q: How can I be sure that it has no side-effects?

A: The herbal ingredients used in our product have been in use since time immemorial. Many tribes use these natural ingredients and there are no records of any side-effects. We use a gel base which may irritate the skin in certain cases, but these cases are extremely rare. Also, we have a committed team of professionals constantly working to ensure maximum efficacy and no side-effects.

Q: What are the advantages of the ointment over pills?

A: No matter what is said, pills will affect others parts of the body. Long term side-effects are not known. However, with the ointment, the only areas affected are the desired ones. Unlike anyone else, the ethno-botanical data actually supports the effectiveness of the natural ingredients and further shows long term advantages from its use.

Q: Will the size stay the same even after stopping the treatment?

A: This is especially the case with the rural folk and everyone else that has used the product.

Q: Why do I have to use a condom over the ointment?

A: To ensure that the actives are in contact with the skin and maximum effect is achieved. If a condom is not used, the actives may rub off onto the clothing and therefore the results will be greatly reduced. Further, the traditional doctors have warned us to ensure that the actives do not get in touch with other parts of the body such as the testicles, as it will make them grow as well!

Q: Can I use it more than once a day?

A: Yes. The results are faster but a feeling of sensitivity may be felt at the base of the penis. Should this occur, we advise that a return to the recommended dosage. 

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